Common Problems with Customs Clearance

Although seems to be pretty easy, the customs clearance might as well lead you to face certain challenges. These might range from the incorrect classification of the products to the packaging of the products with the wrong details of the consignment in it. This mainly happens due to the complexity of the process of filing the documentation and the accuracy that it needs for the filing. These might also happen because of the time that is consumed in the entire process. Below are mentioned the most common problems and how to deal with them effectively.

Inaccurate Duties

The taxes and the duties on the overseas packages are the media of the most confusion. It depends on the country and the weight and value of the goods to be transported. The paperwork must be attended with details to avoid tax crunches. Proper preparation of contracts and invoices too can save you. Every commercial document must be accurate and any fictitious declaration will be caught red-handed.

Incorrect Cargo Classification

Cargo classification is a very important aspect. Inaccurate description can lead to a lot of issues. Goods are generally brought into consideration based on their size, dimensions, features, aggregation, and the hazard of handling them. The cargo handling technique is only received from this information. Any wrong or inadequate information provided can lead to the process extending for a long.

Consignee Related Problems

A successful transit of goods only takes place when both the consignor and the consignee are equally cooperative. There might be situations where the consignor has cleared all the necessary procedures but there had been issues arising from the consignee’s end. Here the process sees a halt or a delay. In those cases, the consignee must be let known of the prices to be born in cases of disagreements.

Shipping of Dangerous Goods

Transit of such goods requires way more attention than others do. The customs authorities generally reroute or return such parcels. In such cases, you need to be entirely familiar with the laws and how you can avoid mishaps during the procedure.

Subtleties of Packaging

The packaging of the cargo has an entirely different set of regulations that needs to be followed. If the material used for packaging is unsuitable, the parcel will be returned.

Clearit customs clearance clears you from these added disadvantages and hassles and makes sure your package witnesses a rather smooth and trouble-free journey.

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