Your Ultimate Guide in Buying for the Best Maid Insurance in Singapore

When we plan to shift from one place to another, we have to face many problems. Among all the problems a very genuine problem is to get a trustworthy housemaid.  Along with this one more problem comes to choose the best insurance policy for her so that, in future, neither you nor she could feel bad after working and paying. Today in this article we will get to know about one very important insurance plan for your housemaid that is ‘Maid insurance Singapore‘. We will discuss many things about it so that you can be ready enough before you go for this.

What is a maid insurance Singapore?

These days we all know better how important insurance policies are for the people. Just like for self or kids, there is a new trend of getting the policies for getting maid insurance Singapore for the housemaid. These things are important even more when the housemaid belongs to some other locations and lives with you permanently. With the help of this insurance not just your maid get some need to get facilities and help at the crucial time but you also feel very satisfied and carefree after providing her with the best policies which she deserves being an important part of your house as she does many things all alone without which you can’t live your daily routine life with ease.

Cost of purchase

For giving no extra burden on the employer and solid support for maid, the price of this insurance has been kept very reasonable so that every employer can go for this without hesitation of spending a lot more money for it. Depending on many factors these insurance come with many different prices. Most of them come in the range of $230 to $260.  This cost has been designed for 26 months rather than just 24 months. The cost of outpatient expenses has been kept fixed for some reason. This cost would be around $1000 for all categories. Along with this one, more expenses may be there in the form of Third-party liability which may be in the range of $2500 to $3000 somewhere. The wage compensation has also been set for this all which maybe 15 to 30 days.

What is the duration?

The duration may be generally between 24 to 26 month. But depending on some criteria like your age, your actual action etc, this can be changed too in some special cases.

Some benefits of it

Just like all the other benefits, this maid insurance Singapore also has many benefits. Some of them have been listed below.

Hospitalisation compensation

The very first benefit of this instance is just like all other medical insurance. Yes, you guessed it right. In this insurance, you get financial help in getting treatment in hospital for some illness. These expenses may cover the expenses done in hospitals for medicines, per day bed charge, doctors fee, foods etc. Therefore, if your maid falls sick and gets admitted to any hospital, you can easily claim this insurance money if you have one such insurance for your housemaid.

Outpatient expense

Inpatient treatment is where the patient gets admitted in any hospital or private clinic and stays there under the supervision of doctors and nurses unless she gets recovery completely from those complications or health problems. In outpatient treatment, you can get some medicines, injection, small surgery etc and get back to your home once all such procedures are over. In Maid insurance Singapore, you also get the facility of getting the reimbursement of your outpatient treatment bills. The recovery amount depends on how much is the plan of your policies.

Repatriation coverage

Many a time it happens that while serving you and your house, the housemaid gets some such disability in her which is going to be her life long disability and with that situation, she can not work with you any more.  It may also happen that due to some problem she loses her life. In all such conditions, the payouts for her would be costly enough. But if you have this insurance with you, you need not care for that as this insurance also helps you in this case.

Critical illness

If your maid ever gets diagnosed with some very serious and critical illness, this policy also stands then to help you both in that tough situation. This policy gives you relief in the treatment of some very fatal diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke etc. There come many different types of insurance policies which mainly or better say separately focus on this cause. Before you buy those policies you also have to explore many things like when to buy critical illness insurance, how much to pay for that etc. However, if you go with maid insurance Singapore, you need not take this insurance separately as this is also included in this insurance and is one of the very important parts of it.


Many a time it happens that while going to have some new maid in the house, people suspect her for stealing some money, ornaments or any other very costly things from the house. Now if you have this insurance policy for your maid, you need not worry about that also as you can claim your loss also with this insurance.

Above we got to know some very good info about Housemaid insurance in Singapore. We discussed many benefits of it also which we all need while thinking about any such insurance. With the help of such insurance, we all get some benefits not just for ourselves but for our family members and of course for the maid which is the main reason to go for this insurance. There may be even more things to know about it depending on your knowledge about it and your need. Whatsoever may be your query, you can contact us any time in this regard.

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