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Deposit/ Withdrawal Paused On Daily Plan
I will like to use this medium to inform our members that deposit / withdrawal on the first plan has been paused. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to continue the operation of the plan, till all the affected miners are replaced. You can be able to invest in the Antminer S9 (14Th) plan, its duration pays double of your invested capital after 30 Days. Through this we can be able to restructure and maintain our mining firm because it will allow us duration for the miner purchase and setup before investments are returned.

Thanks for your Understanding.
Oct-12-2018 02:04:33 PM
We Have Lunched New Miner Package
We will like to inform all our members that we have lunched a new miner plan, this will help us actualize the replacement of our old ones that are damaged. The plan promises higher return but its payment is delivered after the end of 30 days. We urge our members to invest on the plan from now onward.

Thanks for your support. With Nexio Investment Limited, your future starts now!!!
Oct-10-2018 11:16:57 PM
We Have Removed Advcash API/SCI
We have removed advcash withdrawal because advcash stopped all SCI linked to investment companies, We continued withdrawal through advcash till all users who made deposit through advcash were able to withdrawal all their interest and principal.

So, We will like to officially announce that the advcash acceptance/withdrawal is permanently removed. User who used advcash in the past to make deposit/withdraw, and wish to continue investing in our company can select bitcoin or any of the payment processors we accept presently.

We are sorry for all inconveniences it might have caused but it is not in our power to decide what happens in a company such as advcash. Thanks for you understanding. With Nexio Investment Limited, your future starts now!!!
Oct-10-2018 01:28:12 PM
Happy New Month To Our Investors
To our investors, We want to use this medium to wish you all a successful and wonderful month. In Nexio Investment Limited, We are over 70 days online and counting. There is never a moment we have missed in processing all withdrawals instantly because we understand the importance of it. So, Always gives us 5 star rating in forums and monitors because we will never disappoint you.

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With Nexio Investment Limited, your future starts now!!!
Oct-1-2018 02:39:33 PM
Always Add Your Payment Account Information
In Nexio investment Limited, payments are processed instantly without delays but if eventually your payments is on pending withdrawal. Then you have not add payment account to which the fund will be processed to it or the information you added is not correct, always endevour to clarify that all information are accurate before saving it.

If you have not added a payment account, you can always do it through edit account section when you login.

Note: You can only make changes to it once, so be careful to add the correct details. If you found out that you have made a mistake then contact our live support to make changes to it before requesting for withdrawal.
Sep-20-2018 12:53:20 PM
How To Make Deposit Video
We want to use this opportunity and medium to announce to our members who are finding it difficult to make deposit that a solution has arrived.

Click on our videos, . We have added a video instruction on how to make deposit, it will give you direction on how to make deposit.

Note: If you have any question, our support is available to answer to your request via online support form and live chat. You can also seek for assistance through our telegram group.

Invite your family and friends to join this superb company, Remember: With Nexio Investment Limited, your instant withdrawal is sure.
Aug-19-2018 08:47:26 AM
Advcash Disabled SCI
Good Morning , We will like to inform everyone that uses advcash to make deposit that our advcash SCI has been disabled, So we will no longer support deposit via advcash at the moment.

The issue is a general problem for all Investment Companies and it did not affect only Nexio Investment Limited. Since there API is still working, we will keep processing withdrawal for all the users who have made deposit via the method in the past.

Invite your family and friends to join this superb company. Remember: With Nexio Investment Limited, your instant withdrawal is sure.
Jul-31-2018 10:58:37 AM
Welcome To Nexio Investment Limited
I will like to use this opportunity to welcome every member of Nexio Investment Limited. We at management want to assure you that your fund is secure and safe. We have implored the best security service available to secure and protect our servers.

Our website domain is registered for 5 years since 2017, So you can be sure to earn uninterruptedly for 5 years and beyond. Let your money work for you in Nexio While you sleep or relax.

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Jul-28-2018 09:09:55 AM