The Future of Click Fraud Protection

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers worry about click fraud. Click fraud involves manually or automatically clicking on PPC ads to drain a competitor’s budget or make money for the fraudster. Click fraud costs businesses billions annually. is one of the leading click fraud protection products for businesses.

What is

Advanced algorithms and machine learning prevent click fraud at The solution protects businesses of all sizes from click fraud with a variety of features.

How does work? detects and prevents click fraud using many data points. Data includes:

  • IP addresses: checks your ads’ clickers’ IP addresses for suspicious activity. Multiple clicks from the same IP address suggest click fraud.
  • User behaviour: uses user behaviour, such as website time, to identify bots.
  • Device information: analyses device information, such as the device and browser used to access your website, to identify if clicks are from actual humans or bots.
  • com uses click patterns to identify bots. Click fraud may occur if a user clicks on your ad many times in a short time.
  • com assigns fraud scores to clicks after analysing these data elements. High-fraud clicks are banned from accessing your website. This prevents click fraud and optimises advertising budgets.

Features of protects businesses from click fraud with many features. Highlights include:

  • Real-time reporting: reports click activity on your advertising in real time so you can spot unusual activity and stop click fraud.
  • com lets you customise click fraud protection settings for your business. For instance, you can limit IP address clicks before blocking them.
  • Automatic blocking: automatically blocks high-fraud clicks.
  • com integrates easily with your PPC advertising platform, so you can start safeguarding your business from click fraud right immediately.

Benefits of protects businesses from click fraud. Key benefits:

  • Increased ROI: Preventing click fraud will help you maximise your advertising spend and boost earnings.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: Click fraud can hurt your brand reputation by making your ads appear less effective than they are. Preventing click fraud ensures your ads reach real users and produce real results.
  • Cost savings: Click fraud is costly, especially in large PPC ads. Preventing click fraud saves money on wasted clicks and optimises advertising budgets.
  • Preventing click fraud improves advertising performance by providing more accurate data on user behaviour.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your firm is safe from click fraud can help you focus on other business matters.


In conclusion, protects businesses from click fraud with a comprehensive solution. can detect and prevent click fraud by analysing many data points and assigning each click a fraud score, maximising your advertising budget and campaign performance. is a simple, effective solution for businesses of all sizes with real-time reporting, customised settings, automated blocking, and easy integration. improves ROI, brand reputation, campaign performance, cost, and peace of mind. protects businesses from click fraud, letting them focus on growth. can help PPC advertising business owners avoid click fraud and boost campaign performance.

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