Open A New Account In Minutes With Online Banking Apps

Around a decade back or so, starting your own savings account with a bank was a tedious job that was followed by never ending submissions and follow-ups of documents. Although offline visits to the branch office helped maintain transparency and assurances, they compromised the convenience that every account holder looks out for with a bank.

Addressing the problem, several established banks offered individuals to start their own accounts with the tip of their fingers. Owing to the wonders tagged along with the age of digitalization, individuals can not only start their account with a bank but also make NEFT payments within mere minutes while comfortably sitting on their couch.

In addition to this, out of the many features offered by these banking apps, an individual can easily pay bills. Another significant advantage can also be observed from the fact that you can have an entire history of your transactions right on your mobile screen instead of printing your passbooks.

Steps to Start Your Online Bank Account

With the following simple steps, you can have your payment bank, where you can send and receive money within a matter of seconds and cherish the benefits that are reaped out of technology by millions of people.

1. Register Online

The first stage is to download the application of the bank that you wish to open your account with and register with your phone number. Subsequently, the application would ask you to submit all the documents, such as your Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Address Proof, and photographs.

2. Verification

After verifying your documents, most banking apps would schedule a very short video call with the bank officials, who would verify your identity and strike a green signal for your account to be launched and associated with the bank.

3. Customer ID and Internet Banking

Following the verification process, you will be provided with a unique customer ID and bank account number to activate your Internet banking or mobile banking to begin with, your first transaction through NEFT. Upon its activation, you can also pay all the bills directly through your banking application, including mobile, electricity, and so on.

4. Enjoying the Banking Services

Some banks recommend one visit to the branch office for transparency and convenience. Upon establishing your account, you can easily request a debit card through the banking application and monitor all the features and transactions in your account.  One such useful feature, among many, is linking your bank account with your investments, insurance premium payments, and many such segments that are available through these applications.


With four simple steps, you can start your own savings account with your preferred bank and be the customer of the convenience and premium services you are entitled to. All the compliances and steps involved in creating your account through the application are safe and secure.

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